Research Department of English

Research Scholars

PG and Research Department of English

Name of supervising teacher :  Dr. Rajani. B

Sl no Name of the research scholar Date of registration Full time/ part time Fellowship Status: Ongoing/Submitted/ Awarded Topic of research
1 Sonima K K 10-10-2017 Part time Nil On going Mapping the Third Space: A Critique of Select Transgender Autobiographies and Biopics as Reverse Discourse
2 Anju Antony 30-04-2018 Part time Nil On going Deciphering the female consciousness in the Bible: The Socio Cultural Impacts of the feminist Perspectives on Christianity in South India
3 Sajeev P 10-04-2018 Part time Nil On going Appropriating the Ramayana: A Critical Reading of the Twentieth Century Political Discourses
4 Ramachandran K. 17-04-2018 Part time Nil On going Constructing the ‘Speaking’ Subaltern: Caste and Gender in Select Contemporary Indian Fiction
5 Sharfudden M 28-09-2017 Part time JRF On going Narratives of Traumatised Childhood: A Study of Select Novels across Cultures
6 Shahnaz M S 25-03-2019 Part time JRF On going Abjection in Select Novels of Nineteenth Century Female Writers