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Research Scholars

PG and Research Department of Economics

Name of supervising teacher :  Dr. M.G. Mallika

Sl no Name of the research scholar Date of registration Full time/ part time Fellowship Status: Ongoing/Submitted/ Awarded Topic of research
1 Shyba M. 21-07-2014 Full Time Globalization and labour market flexibility with special reference to Head load workers in Kerala
2 Prajisha P. 22-07-2014 Part time  


Food inflation in India and its impact on urban poor
3 Reshmi P. 24-11-2014 Full Time poverty measurement in India- exploring a new methodology
4 Jesla Galibdeen P. 19-06-2015 Full Time Female contribution to National income-evolving a new methodology
5 Nimi K.S 25-06-2015 Full Time Including the value of environment in national income calculation : a theoretical and empirical study
6 Sumitha K. 30-06-2015 Full Time Human capital development and labour productivity with special reference to Kerala
7 Bindu B.N. 25-06-2015 Part time Role of child care institutions and quality of life of child in need of care and protection; a study of government child care institutions in Kozhikode

Name of supervising teacher :  Dr. Remmiya Rajan P

8 P.V Balkis 16-02-2019 full time Domestic Workers in Kerala: An exploration within the frame work of Decent Work
9 Drisya A P 16-02-2019 full time Human Development Status of Scheduled Tribal Women in Kerala
10 Sajna Salim 16-02-2019 full time Social Reforms and Entrepreneurship: A study of Sree Narayana Movement
11 SwathykrishnaK.R 16-02-2019 full time Status and extend of Higher Education Tribal Community in Kerala: A Perspective Analysis